Used to describe something that is very interesting or curious. If a mandem is chatting bare breeze and u are interested u can use this word. It can and often is used in a sarcastic or sassy way. Used to get the reciever to bring on more infomation about the subject
normal use
'oi blud I banged Karis last night' 'what the fuck, u broke up, that so brings bring'

sassy use
'I have this sick story so I went to the shop and I saw a nun, the end' 'wow, that's so bring bring
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Cheap jewelery made in China. It's the Asian pronounciation of bling bling.
I'mma be rockin' dat bring bring. Ain't nobody got time for real diamonds. Homie I got bills to pay.
by Infraxion September 05, 2017
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