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Being in an altered mental or physical state after having consumed (yammed) too much vagina.
Intoxication from performing excessive amounts of conelingus.
"I will be so yammered after this orgy"
"Your mom got me so yammered I passed out"
"I would get so yammered if I could get with Megan Fox"
by Ras Trenterson December 31, 2012
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To be intoxicated by the consumption of yams; a condition that is common during the holiday seasons. Leads to odd family moments and lame jokes.
1. "These sweet potatoes are amazing!"
"Are you kidding? These are yams, sweet potatoes don't even fall into the Dioscoreaceae family. You're so yammered."
2. "Man, I want to go out and get yammered tonight at my parent's place. You up for it?"
by ใงใ™ December 07, 2010
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being on cocaine (yayo)
and drunk (hammered) at the same time.
"Dude last night i drank a fifth and did 7 lines of blow. I got so yammered."
by haha cake October 30, 2008
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