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When a male’s genitalia are visible through his pants. Not in the sense that they are see through though. In the sense that you can see the mass of the penis and ballsack, the best yam bags are just lumps of mass that one cannot discern penis from balls
Biff has a raging Yam Bag in his Adidas sweatpants.
by The Gosh Dang Bruin September 01, 2019
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scrotum; nutsack; fleshy, often hairy, pouch containing the testes. Popularized by comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay on the Opey and Anthony show.
After delivering a devastating donkey-punch, I proceeded to pull out my mule and paint a lovely map o' Hawaii on her back in a flattering shade of banana-juice. I then treated her to a Roman War Helmet a.k.a the Gonzo, in where I draped my yambag over her eye-sockets and mule over her nose.
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
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A man's scrotum, ball sack, nuts... you get the idea.
Then she played with my yam bag.

Ow! I think I sat onmy yam bag.
by 23 skiddoo March 31, 2005
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A Fay-Lo who is always dangling around the office annoying people.
Jeeeeeeeze. Didja see that yam-bag? What a logan!
by Dick Shinairy October 10, 2003
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The skin like sac that carries the testicles.
Jon cried when his cat scratched his yambag.
by Chris Wagner January 18, 2003
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The sack that hangs between the males legs and swings in the breeze.
Did you get to suck his big yam bags? Nothing like the feel of yam bags slapping your ass during a good porking.
by mARCYH September 10, 2006
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