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A martial art that is often used as a tactic to end a meaningless, heated argument. The rules of Kung Fool are:

1) One may only engage another Kung Fool Master.
2) Both Kung Fool Masters must acknowledge the bout.
3) A master may never physically engage an opponent.
4) The master who wields the most original combination of weapons and/or stances wins the bout.
Master 1: (bows) Your use of the jar of peanut butter and toe-nail clippers beasted my defense.
Master 2: (bows) I may have won this match, but your Frantic Platypus Stance proved to be a worthy Kung Fool technique.
by Evan Oatman June 02, 2007
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a martial art of low quality; a failed attempt to use martial arts.
That dude be payin' $100 a month for some kung fool lessons.

He thought he was like Bruce Lee tryin' to kick but it turns out he's just a kung fool.
by Picklez July 11, 2006
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