A word what is used to describe people who live in Pit Villages on the outskirts of Hartlepool.
Woman 1: Can you lend me a tab please?
Woman 2: Ive only got roleys
Woman 1: My God! You must be a Yakker
Man 1: Whos that cunt who you were talking to last night?
Man 2: Oh that was Lee from Wingate.
Man 1: He had some shiney teeth on him didnt he?
Man 2: And he talks a load of shite
Man 1: He is King of the Yakkers
by Neale Cooper June 23, 2006
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My yakker came over and sucked all our dicks last nite.
by DooKDoGG February 19, 2008
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Baseball slang for a curve ball. Also referred to as Uncle Charlie.
That was a lights-out yakker Wainwright served up to Carlos Beltran in the Cards win over the Mets in the 7th game of the NCS.
by antelope al July 10, 2008
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When virtual (via chat or email) flirtacious interpersonal interaction occurs between two strangers or common 'virtual' friends and, while one of the participants assumes that the other person is good looking, the assumed-to-be good looking person is, in fact, below the other participants expectations.

In short, defines the action of flirting with an ugly person when in fact the person flirting thinks the ugly person is either hot or smokin' hot.
Tom: Dude, did you see how I was flirting with Kate's friend Kim on the email chain this morning? I was on point.
Ted: Dude, do you even know what Kim looks like?
Tom: Nah, man. Is she hot?
Ted: Negative. You've been strokin' a yakker.
by esuohe November 21, 2006
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