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No one is quite sure what he's laughing at, but as soon as the office has finally become quiet you can count on hearing his high-pitched tee hee hee
Some think the giggler has discovered the Warn button on Instant Messenger and this is the source of his joy.
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No Bull Shit, and old hacker acronym which is usually used to signify that the talk will be serious.
User: I need to talk to you, NBS.
User2: ESAD, Noob.
by Heko July 17, 2004
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Similar to the "hummer", in that a girl has put the engorged penis and balls into her mouth, and proceeds to laugh about it!
The prostitute's Jon asked for a "hummer", but when he dropped his drawers, she told him she would only be able to charge him for a "giggler"! ( size DOES matter!)
by Dicdoc April 18, 2020
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When a guy slaps a girl on the butt and it goes like bongos.
Dude, he did a giggler on her.

And they haven't talked since.
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by GigglerGuy427 January 22, 2021
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