1. When you agree with something
2. A strong yes
3. A battle cry when something is thrown or launched

Ya yeet
Person 1: yo, you wanna go to the movies?
You: ya yeet! Let's go!

Person: *throws something*

Person: YA YEET!!!
by Lil Goku April 23, 2019
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When you see a friend from the other side of the room and you yell profusely at them.
When I saw my friend I ya yeeted over to them.
by I bet they never miss January 26, 2019
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Ya yeet is an expression used by the king Jake Paul.

Used only by pre-teens

Say after or before saying something stupid or dancing to a song

Don’t ever use this saying unless your crazy or cringey

If you do end up saying the expression whip at the same time :)
Ya yeet, little brother jakey tryna roast me?
by ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ May 20, 2018
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Ya yeet is the best word
I'm gonna ya yeet you grandma to mars
by Ya yeet mom December 12, 2018
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its the most powerful yeetus in the world its so powerful it can make the world go extinct!!!
ppl: YEEEET *uses power*
me: YA YEET *wipes out the earth*
by LilyPad06 July 7, 2019
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Can mean aggressively yes or no depending on how it's connotated.
"Wanna go to a party? Ya yeet! I'm down if you are!"
"Wanna go watch six hours of Glee? Ya yeet I've got a ton of Spanish homework to do."
by Yayeet243 February 7, 2017
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To throw or to be unexpectedly or forcibly thrown out of something or someone’s life.
Yo we just got YA YEETED out of Jason’s life bro.

Yo I just YA YEETED them out of my life bro.
by TheYoezNator September 27, 2018
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