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1. When you agree with something
2. A strong yes
3. A battle cry when something is thrown or launched

Ya yeet
Person 1: yo, you wanna go to the movies?
You: ya yeet! Let's go!

Person: *throws something*

Person: YA YEET!!!
by Lil Goku April 23, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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its the most powerful yeetus in the world its so powerful it can make the world go extinct!!!
ppl: YEEEET *uses power*
me: YA YEET *wipes out the earth*
via giphy
by LilyPad06 July 07, 2019
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yayeet is what you shout when you want to tell
people, your about to make a epic move or shot
so im gonna bounce off this jump pad do a 360 head shot = YaYeet
by Persona uk September 09, 2018
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A phrase often used by retards before they do retarded things.
Ok I'll do it. YA YEET (kills himself with a grenade in a video game).
by ReetMaster32 October 04, 2018
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The action of exclamation. A modern day form of, "yahoo," "wee," or "Truly, this is a great hilarity." Used within the normie meme community and all the way through to the dankest end of that spectrum, being a vocabulary used for most memers.
"Dude, I finally got laid."
"Yayeet, no way."

"I can't wait to get home to chug this poisoned bottle of liquor, yayeet!"

"I hate myself."
"Yayeet, me, too."
by medoogan May 11, 2018
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Can mean aggressively yes or no depending on how it's connotated.
"Wanna go to a party? Ya yeet! I'm down if you are!"
"Wanna go watch six hours of Glee? Ya yeet I've got a ton of Spanish homework to do."
by Yayeet243 February 07, 2017
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