An acronym for "Your Grammar Sucks," an internet show by Jacksfilms which looks at bad grammar/spelling.
When's the next YGS coming?
by copacaper November 12, 2014
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You got served. Something you say after owning someone in some way shape or form. See owned.
by Bronx Knight October 14, 2004
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You've got SPAM.
AOHELLS announcement that you have SPAM. An AOLese / AOHELLese
Fuckin a man. AOHELL has sent me SPAM once again!
by Diane aka the BITCH July 3, 2005
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Your grammar sucks is a YouTube show hosted by the Nepal loving, Pitbull loving, Forehead extremist JacksFilms. It is a common inside joke that though it is marketed as been held every Friday, but like most things in John's career it can take weeks if not months for a new episode/installment. It can also be used to state someone's grammar sucks hence the name
Person one: Hey john where is the hat the children are being burnt to crisp!
John: YGS LMAO (says this while low dabbing)
Person One: Yasss
by Johny small Hands May 21, 2020
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A gang member
1. young gunner.

2. Young Gangsta
"Hey who's the new person"
"ohh her, that's zoe she's my YG"
by Feel me April 22, 2013
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Young Gangsta- OG that is young
yo dat niggas a YG not even an OG
by D MONEY March 11, 2004
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YG is one of the WORST K-Pop entertainment companies, the sad thing is that a bunch if the artists there (EX: Blackpink, Big Bang) are amazing
by some random pickle??? May 6, 2020
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