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YGB is the acronym for Young Gifted and Black.

Which was the the the title of collected works by Lorraine Hansberry - the author of A Raisin in the Sun.

It is also the Title of a song by Nina Simone in honor of Hansberry.

here's some of the lyrics:
to be young, gifted and black

oh what a lovely precious dream

When you feel really low

Yeah, there's a great truth you should know

When you're young, gifted and black

Your soul's intact
Justin and his girl are YGB they can do anything.
by LadyCelia September 24, 2010
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YGB is an acronym for Young Gay Bitty. Though the word bitty was originally a way to refer to women, bitty can also be used to refer to attractive young men, women, and all other gender identities. YGB is just a more specific use of the word bitty. The word can come off as rude depending on who you're using it towards.
Damn look at that YGB! He fine as hell.

Damn girl! you see her?! that bitty fine!

My girls and I saw this fine ass bitty! he was packin heat!

Yes son, when I met your father I thought he was the sexiest young gay bitty in town and he still is today.

Big Daddy/Mamma fucked his/her young bitty all night long. Got'em walkin side to side.(consensual)

They nearly cracked their neck lookin at that YGB. They had ass to last for many moons.
by TKM October 17, 2018
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These animals are very gay and tend to yell “suuwuupppp”. They travel in packs with head animal in charge, the moose. They are known for their excessive rape. Stay clear of these wild beast.
Don’t walk over there it’s them ygb boys
by Lre.ty August 03, 2019
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You Gay Bro (YGB)
Friend 1: Hey man I can't chill tonight; my mom is being a bitch.

Friend 2: Awwhhh....YGB.


Girlfriend: Hey babe, what'd you do all weekend when I visited my grandparents?

Boyfriend: I had my dudes over, and we all played Halo for 10 straight hours.

Girlfriend: Wow. YGB.
by KAL-Cashco June 25, 2010
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you good bro? A substitute for “are you okay?” Or “are you hurt?” Or “is something wrong?”
YGB? U look kinda out of it.
YGB? That shit looks like it hurts.
YGB? You look like shit.
by Thegr8testputa#1 February 05, 2019
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