a word from da patois language of da jamaican people, originally bumba is ass and claat iis cloth hence asswipes or a fuckin stupid person like ur momma
(P1)who dis blacker kid fi sell crack cocaine.
(P2) dem bumbaclaat bwoy dem fi nyam it quick like suga cane
by madd dogg July 11, 2003
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a jamaican patwa word for fuck. it has many other meaning though.
bumbaclaat. fuck the hell out of her.
by addake December 2, 2018
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A way of saying oh my days or oh shit . It is a Jamaican swear word.
bumbaclaat I forgot my wallet
by lenggyal November 17, 2020
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Fucking fat Cunt ( if u ent Jamaican don’t use it cus yu look chupid😂)
Oi Callum’s a sly bumbaclaat for saying that 🙄
by AnonymousSMT April 21, 2018
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