Stands for Yet Another Remake; refers to movie studios, etc., producing more and more movies which are remakes of older movies, books, etc., rather than original ideas.
A new Flash Gordon TV series on SciFi? Ugh, YARM.
by spyder pig July 3, 2009
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Small town in Teesside, North East UK. Really nice little place but full of arseholes with fake tan and stupid gay mullets talking about how much their latest Prada top cost them, the reality being they work in a clothes shop/bar for £4.50 an hour and they spent a month's wages on it.

The funny thing is the majority of people like this don't live in Yarm - they just aspire to and hail from a giant mock-tudor housing estate called Ingleby Barwick where the houses are 15cm apart, and their parents work in middle management and drive a Ford Mondeo.
"Went to Yarm last night"

"Was it full of cunts?"

by Lewis1983 May 31, 2005
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1. To be that of an idiot. Or to be a fag.

2. Also to be used to describe something gross or nasty.
Jack you yarm these were all made by Ian.

Ian was mad at Jack's yarm head
by Rubert July 19, 2017
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When a guy fucks a girl in the ass and cums, then slurps it out with a straw.
Dave : Hey did you hear?
Lisa : What?
Dave : Chad totally was yarming with a dog last night.
by lisamancini February 19, 2009
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