This person is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet. They’re definitely a little mischievous and enjoy roughing it around. Definitely a rebel and doesn’t like to follow rules. Deep down, they’re the most sweetest kindest person you will ever meet. They have the biggest heart. Once they like you, they will protect you at all costs. Is pretty straightforward and honest with you. Definitely deserves to be treated the best. Is probably really good at getting what they wants when they want it. Has an amazing smile and looks. You can hang around with them for hours and now get bored.
Person one: Yahel is definitely someome id like to party with.

Person two: Dude I know! They’re aweosme!
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A derogatory term of Yahoo - specifically Yahoo! Chat. Indicative of the evilness and crapness of said website/corporation.
"My god! Yahell Fux0red up again!!!"
by Kia September 16, 2003
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DJ Yahel rocks! listen to his songs open your mind, voyage, and devotion
by Yahel_Fan March 11, 2008
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Yahel is a private school Indian boy. He thinks that he is black and gets dreads whenever he can.
Look at Yahel over their with his new dreads.
by Killboy101 April 27, 2021
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This person is literally GOD.
The most amazing woman that has ever lived in the history of humanity; pretty face, delicious body and the most magnetic and charismatic personality, she's the funniest person alive so you can never get bored around her. She's got the best characteristics you will ever find in your whole life so you should worship her as the GOD she is.
Yahel is the greatest person that has ever lived.
by El todo poderoso November 24, 2021
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