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short for you're a friggin (or your "F" word of choice) idiot. Used for those who support idiotic ideas.
I was watching cable news listening to someone and the moderator should have just said ," YAFI YAFI YAFI".
by Jamfetto October 10, 2009
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YAFI: You're All Fucking Idiots

Acronym to be used in instances where the SF Stupidity Factor limits have been exceeded by a group other than your own. It allows you to convey your opinion of the group in open air to your colleagues in a discreet manner.

Most effective when inserted nonchalantly into conversation with the group in question in such a manner as to not raise suspicion (neutral tone and nodding are recommended for a successful implementation). Maximum results are yielded when you are accompanied by one or more cohorts who have knowledge of the term.
Doug: OK, well that didn't work due to YAFI, so what is the next step?
Others: We have to get back to you on that.
by T. Walsh / Ronan XVII January 12, 2005
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A girl who is shy but when you get to know her you'll discover her stupid-ness and how hilarious she is. Very kind and never says no even if she hates the work!!!
y'all don't deserve a Yafi cuz she's precious! check wafel
by Badass Pumpkin October 07, 2017
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