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The term YAD is the acronym of the expression "Ya dude" and is often used in text messaging or on websites like Twitter which often require a word limit. The word YAD is most often used in replacement of the word "yes" to express great enthusiasm and excitement in their response. This term is most frequently used in Santa Cruz, CA but is soon to be proclaimed a part of the California slang.
Friend 1: Are you pumped for the rager tonight?

Friend 2: YAD

Friend 3: Nah man I don't wanna go
Friend 1: Stop being such a frail

Guy 1: Dude did you see what the seniors did to the mascot?

Guy 2: YAD I was there!

Guy 1: Hey are you all ready to go?
Girl 2: YAD lets go
by Prudence Terra January 27, 2013
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A word used to terminate a conversation over the Internet if the conversation is particularly pointless or going nowhere.
idiot: Hi bAyBeE HowZ iT GoiN?!
human: huh?
idiot: LoLZzzzzzzzzz :P
idiot: :)
idiot: :P
human: yads.
by Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo January 16, 2004
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yads stands for "you're a dick sometimes."
used in internet conversations hinting some to quit being a dick, or huge jerk.
hey jordan, YADS! so stop!
by maddicake July 13, 2010
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the emotion of wanting to laugh but also wanting to brake down crying.
The girl felt so yad when she scrolled through the fanart of her otp
by so much cake February 28, 2015
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