The best of the best. Once you see him, you'll be blessed for the rest of your life. Every time he walks through the hallway, "EVERYONE" will applause him like a boss. For sure the best of the best. Nobody better.
See that Guy everyone clapping and bowing to? That is a xing for sure

She that guy with all the cool people for sure a xing
by The best person for dictionari December 19, 2016
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Short for Crossing. Usually only seen in type and not heard.
by anon February 15, 2005
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A verb describing the current action of taking ecstasy ( "X" + the progressive form "ing" )
He's been spending all nights drinking, xing and stuff...
by 14140 February 28, 2010
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a slang word for the town stephenville crossing in newfoundland
someone: where u from?
xinger: the xing!
by xinger September 24, 2007
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David's one and only true love.
David loves Xing so much because she is his true love.
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
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A sign the government puts up because sign companies charge by the letter and find a cheaper way to do it by writing Duck Xing, which unless you think about it, You have no idea what it means.
Driver: What the fuck did that sign say?
Passenger #1: Duck Xing
Driver: What the fuck does that mean?
Passenger #2: No idea but you hit a duck.
by Xeri September 24, 2008
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Scientists have confirmed that a "Li Xing" is a entirely new species of human. Characterized with an abnormally large cranium while lacking in substance. If knocked on the head, expect reverbrations similar to a drum. Currently, only one known species in the world. Searching for other "Li Xing"s to make more "Li Xing"s though his chances look slim.
li xing
by big fat guy December 28, 2009
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