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Short for Crossing. Usually only seen in type and not heard.
by anon February 14, 2005
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The best of the best. Once you see him, you'll be blessed for the rest of your life. Every time he walks through the hallway, "EVERYONE" will applause him like a boss. For sure the best of the best. Nobody better.
See that Guy everyone clapping and bowing to? That is a xing for sure

She that guy with all the cool people for sure a xing
by The best person for dictionari December 19, 2016
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What was the last thing you said? I was x-ing out your window.
by ndavis000 January 11, 2005
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A verb describing the current action of taking ecstasy ( "X" + the progressive form "ing" )
He's been spending all nights drinking, xing and stuff...
by 14140 February 28, 2010
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a slang word for the town stephenville crossing in newfoundland
someone: where u from?
xinger: the xing!
by xinger September 24, 2007
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means making out, hard core make out, used by close friends like Caryn, Colleen, and Eric to describe making out with some one with out any one knowing their business
You caryn and col i was tottally x-ing this dude yesterday, we xed for like a minute.
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