The name Xara means Flower or Love. Xara is a beautiful, sweet and loving person. Always caring for others, making sure they're okay. The origin of this name is Arabic, although may be seen around the world. Not a very common name in the Uk.
Over here 'Xara'
Where's 'Xara'
by AdamHach August 1, 2017
A kind, bubbly, caring person. Xara usually describes a unique butterfly or love, Xara is usally described as the "Heather" of the group. She's willing to go full out for something shes passionate for, shes a one of a kind human. Xara is a good person to be your friend, she's willing to defend you.
Wow, Xara is so nice!
Have you seen Xara?
by thoseheathers June 6, 2021
An extremely pretty, yet smart Middle Eastern girl, with first class WAP. As an extremely fuckable personable 10/10, with a terrible taste in men, she is a very hot commodity. Men flock and line up to have a shot with Xara.
Holy fuck man, have you seen Xara?

Yea Man, she’s amazing!
by LonelyKid69 October 18, 2020
A type of penis that usually erects when a weeb plays games.
That Xara Is pretty small
by Gzara June 14, 2020
(spanish origin) type of butterfly or love
by Kara February 8, 2005
Yin Dai Xara” is the chinese name of shrek’s wife inday sara also known as “fiona”

Yin dai xara is a hybrid species of the legendary jiafei and princess fiona

It can be found in only specific place which is bilat, bohol, philippines
Ugh ughh fuck me ughh
Gulp gulp gulp
Cummmm dzaddy

-Yin dai xara