wears khakis
bleached hair
wears vans
wears stuff from active , etc.
cusses excessively
girl: that guys cute
other girl: ugh but he's a basic boy

girl: true
by buthoul February 21, 2016
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Ahh the basic white boy, one of the most common species in today's society. They are often seen wearing khakis, long socks and skater brand shirts. (Even if they don't skate) They stay in small packs of 3 to 6 other white boys, usually taking videos of eachother skate and vaping together. But on their own they are usually playing Cod on they're Xbox, saying phases like 'your mom' or 'you're a bitch'. At night they hunt alone texting or snapchatting unsuspecting teenage girls for nudes.
by I_gotta_zayn March 8, 2016
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Basic gamer boys usually play fortnite till the crack of dawn and will most likely care more about wins then their girlfriends, they really have no social life and they only know people from matches on Fort

They care about fortnites birthday more than their own

If you have been diagnosed go look outside for the first time and try not to get run over by the battle bus
Girlfriend: hey babe can we hang out I miss you so much
Basic Gamer boy : sorry can’t talk right now I’m in the middle of a game
by Kayleighloveskites February 9, 2019
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A guy who wears khakis, v-necks, and loves his Starbucks coffee. The counter part to a basic white girl, the two always get along. Often have no personality.
Leah: Dont you think Josh is cute.
Katie: he may be cute but he is a basic white boy.
by Thee_IceBerg October 7, 2015
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Ah, the basic white boy, recognizable by his tacky, and I might add, overly expensive basketball shoes named after the latest trending athlete. They may look ridiculous, but even more so with matching basketball shorts which hems hang below the knees. This will more often than not be accompanied by a name brand polyester t shirt with text such as, “baller,” indicating that the wearer has some sort of athletic prowess despite it being highly unlikely. A baseball hat, hoody, or both are very likely despite the current weather conditions and are also name brand. Diverse sized, shaped, and flavored e-cigarettes, or “vapes” if you will, are prevalent when congregated. These groups are often shrouded by their own exhaled vapor, a pocketed speaker hidden amongst them blasting lyrics that can’t be heard over the base. When alone, they normally play Rainbow 6 Siege or Apex Legends, having used to play Fortnite but now hate it for some reason.

Where to Find Them:

Wanna take a look for yourself? Go to your local park, cafeteria bathroom, back of the bus, or McDonald’s parking lot!
“Lets just get in there, use the bathroom, and get out before a Basic White Boy asks us if we have an extra pod.”
by Breck Fast July 20, 2019
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A guy who wears khakis, v-necks and love his Starbucks. The counter part to a basic white girl. Often have no personality like a basic white girl. Gets along with basic people.
Leah: Don't you think Josh is cute.
Katie: He may be cute but he's a basic white boy.
by Thee_IceBerg October 7, 2015
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A white dude that race is white but acts black and thinks they are a thug (but really aren’t )
by Ahah you can call me shawty November 23, 2019
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