Wurf, pronunciation of "worth" in a Swedish accent indicating something was worth it.

It originated from the Swedish gamer/youtuber Sp4zie.
Person 1: Ah dude, you shouldn't have died there.
Person 2: It was wurf.
by hisroyalmajesty February 17, 2016
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Synonym for worth or worth it, but cooler.
I died for that kill, whatever it’s wurf.

Am I not wurf your time?!
by atheist_meme_lord June 17, 2018
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Spammers in online forums who can't spell for shit.
Jeckle: What's your problem?
XRDXEMY: speim
Jeckle: Are you on drugs?
XRDXEMY: feck yu
Jeckle: You're a total wurf.
XRDXEMY: sssssssssstaminal riport
by CT_Vigilante June 07, 2006
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WURF is a Wet Unicorn Rainbow Fart. Unicorn rainbow farts bring happiness and joy to all those that observe them, and wet ones are funny so therefore a Wurf is a funny happy joyous thing that can be used as a general purpose happy joy word, meaning to cheer up, exclaim the kind of mood one is in, or exhibit an overall sense of wellbeing.
Jim: Man I hate Mondays, it's rainy and crappy out and I owe so much money to the IRS and my girlfriend just left me.
Bob: WURF!
Jim: Hahaha, thanks, I needed that! :)

Susie: How are you feeling today Merv?
Merv: WURF!!
Susie: Good to hear, me too!!
by Tsumibishi September 26, 2011
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The complete opposite meaning of "worth it".
Person A: Did you watch that movie you wanted to?
Person B: Yeah.
Person A: How was it?
Person B: It was Wurf eet
by BaconSatan June 28, 2013
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