The act of listening to music such as, Dubstep or crazy fast metal, then picking up, shaking and throwing everything around you. This includes but is not limited to: chairs, rugs, people, animals, papers, tables, bicycles, socks, flowers and sticks.
Hey, Bobby! Do you want to Wreck shit with me while we listen to dubstep?
Yeah, man!!!! Let's do it!!!!! ..... "Wreck shit"
by beepbopbananas May 19, 2011
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The act of listening to intense music, such as, dubstep or crazyfast metal, then picking up, shaking, and throwing everything around you, this includes.. chairs, rugs, people, papers, animals, tables and anything else that is wreckable.
by Chadsass May 02, 2011
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To fuck a chick so hard that she has trouble walking in the morning
Person 1: Dude I wrecked her shit last night.
Person 2: she must be in a wheel chair bro
Person 1: yeah she wont be walking for awhile
by Mark Wilson Jr December 13, 2009
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To totally fuck someone up. As in to beat their ass or just fuck up someone's day.
I wouldn't mess with that guy, he might wreck my shit.

The Patriots beat the Panthers... Well, that just wrecked my shit.
by Chad February 08, 2004
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To be incredibly drunk! Also, an awesome line from lady gaga's dirty rich beautiful!
Oh man, I don't remember anything from last night, I was shit wrecked!
by Sugar P**** September 20, 2010
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A verb used to talk about when someone gets beat down badly.
Jeremy totally wrecked the vampires shit yesterday. Honestly, who bites??

I got my shit wrecked in battlefield when I tried to drive up the beach in that jeep.

I just wrecked that kids shit in beer pong, I shut him out and made 2 bouncers in a row.

Jack is going to wreck our shit when he finds out we got his little sister drunk and gave her a little surprise sex.
by Mizike May 15, 2005
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