A phrase used by mothers to "nicely" tell their children to end an activity. Most commonly followed up with "one sec".
Mom: "Okay, Eric . . . time to wrap it up."
Eric: "Okay one sec."
by TacoMaster33 February 19, 2019
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derived from the chappelle show when someone is talking and it is neither interesting or they are just not getting the point across quickly enough then you need to wrap it up. say what you mean and get to the point.
She has been telling the same damn story for at least 15 minutes, if it was my story I would have had the point across in at least 5 minutes. girl, you need to wrap it up! finish talking and wrap that shit up!
by leovenus1977 January 7, 2009
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Also, the hand gesture characterized by an upward pointing index finger moved in a circle.
by Prime December 18, 2002
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To conclude a meal gathering. An oxmanism
"You fellas wanna wrap this up?"
by Prime December 18, 2002
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A term commonly used when something is taking too long to get it's point across.
''Wrap it up Kojima''
by Maldalorian January 8, 2020
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Take you to the bedroom to finish our sexual business
After the movie and dinner I want to wrap you up.
by Ellenpoet December 29, 2016
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