Wou is a term that sprung out of Fairleigh Dickinson University (Florham Campus) in 2006 when a group of "mean girls" were admitted. The term is used as a quick response or sudden lack of words to something that is peculiar, out of the ordinary, inexcusable, and just plain cray cray happens. It is used mostly when gossip takes place to add a more animated effect to the convo.

It has been passed down from year to year within Fairleigh Dickinson University and finally its making its debut to the rest of the world!!!
Friend 1: Oh my god girl, Did you hear David Bronson got some girl pregnant?
Friend 2: Wou!!! Give me all the details honey!

Friend 1: Is that a boy laying face down in the snow like a penguin?
Friend 2: WOU!!!
by dnclndrs December 11, 2011
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We, except me. Should typically used by executives or managers who want to seem like they are contributing to something but where others will do all the work. Usually the work will require a lot of effort but will provide little benefit.
I know the customer specifically requested only to see one feature, but wou should also set up a demonstration for every product we make.
by mdubuya March 25, 2016
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wee wou is another word for yk what UwU

credits to laks for making word <33
omfg vedu and stuthi will wee wou <3
by spiritedaway January 3, 2022
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A word used in exclamation. it replaces "fuck" or "hell" or "heck".
"Dude, what the wous capap are u doing?!"
by NotTheChosenOne February 14, 2012
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The pinnacle of human existence.

A north korean police officer who went on a 8 hour killing spree with 57 confirmed kills (58 if you include himself).
I wish Wou Bom Kon was here... this line is too long.
by $$ June 19, 2003
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“Wou can fuck me any day 🤪🤪🤪💅💅💅”
by Wou March 16, 2021
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A la Shawty that keeps you company and be there for you.
I’m ready go to my wou wou crib
by Kloud24 February 23, 2022
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