Water for some Xenoblade Chronicles characters.
Mio: So... HOT.
Sena: Keep it together now, Mimie. "Stopped and start pointing at something"
Sena: Look there. Mimie look, it's water. There's an oasis.
Mio: Wo... Wo-tah??
Random batch of Xenoblade Chronicles characters: Wotah.
Mio: Wotah !!! "Starts running"
When your african friend is in desperate need of water.
Babatunde: wotah
me: but you literally just drank a gallon
Babatunde: wOtAh....
by Ksideman March 21, 2021
what Bristish people say when trying to pronouncewater
Ello luv les go to my flat and drink som wotah
by harmonylikesbobmorley May 23, 2020
Hey, did you see where Babtunde go?
Yeah he went for the wotah.
by Confused Penguin August 21, 2020
'Murrican : I like to drink water when I'm out of Coca Cola.
British Gentleman : I drink wotah wenn am out of tea.
by NickWilde December 23, 2016
wotah wotah wotah
by MexicanHipHopStar January 26, 2021