When a fart is presents itself with a very wet sound and feel and the producer quickly tries to cut it off as it gives the impression that you may have shit yourself.
"Oops, better check that one, felt like a Worrier"
by Bommaz July 24, 2013
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A general term for someone who experiences Hodophobia (fear of road travel), or Amaxophobia (fear of riding in a car).
Our strange Uncle Tony now rides a bicycle, but only on clearly defined bike paths, as he's added 'road worrier' to his many eccentricities.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ September 22, 2012
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A male person, often of New Zealand birth, who, due to his propensity for copulating with sheep, causes said sheep to be concerned upon sight of said sheep violater.
Here comes that kiwi sheep worrier guy; look at those sheep run.
by Busted Hyman August 4, 2007
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Individuals who believe that no matter what the amount of rain falling to the ground, a flood is inevitable and will always kill people. Also people who suffer from Flood Worrier syndrome are known to accuse others as "Disaster Mockers"
Jeremy "the rains be a coming down on us"
Lance "I am starting to worry my wife, my kid and my goat are going to be subject to death, that is a wagon-load of people"
Brandon "you two are a bunch of flood worrier pussy's"
Jeremy "you hoe, your such a Disaster Mocker"
by Honchongo May 19, 2011
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You know you're dating a Worrier Princess when every one of her problems immediately becomes your problem. She'll huff and stomp around until you sort out whatever problem is ailing her now.

Ignoring a Worrier Princess is only for the pros and should not be attempted unless you are prepared for the consequences...
Her: "Uuurgh..."
Him: What's up?
Her: "This...points at problem"
Him: "Okay, I'll sort it later."
Her: "Uuurgh..."
Him: "Don't be such a Worrier Princess, I said I will sort it later."
Her: Meltdown
by OratoryAvoider August 18, 2015
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A paranoid tech savvy hypochondriac who posts toxic Ill informed rants online.
Look at this fake news doomsday shitpost.
Another bloody Keyboard-worrier!
by Just the flu March 25, 2020
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a person who sits on the couch, worrying about stuff, thinking that it will effect them, but never leave their house.
Guy 1: Dude, your brother is such a couch-worrier!
Guy 2: Hey, shut up! your dad is WAY more of one than my brother! he hasn't left your house for a week! He just sits on the couch watching CNN.
by 800 g September 12, 2009
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