A last name, generally for a family of winners.
W is for winner, and it's also for Worden, so Wordens are winners.
by elblondo September 21, 2011
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A person known particularly for their hatred of animals, often becomes angry violent towards everyone at inopportune moments.
oh no, not worden again
by king Ali April 10, 2011
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a family who's every movement is related, in some way, to something on America's Funniest Home Videos.
I think i saw the worden family on AFHV last night.
by niggggers July 07, 2008
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It is a great place to grow up if you dont want to smell big city smog and deal with 300 people in your class, but if you dont like the outdours you will go crazy.
most of wyoming, but worden is not gay
by cokykid April 24, 2011
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A term for a man who is and will be the greatest living being on the planet. While there were many great men, a MICHAEL WORDEN is one who rises above them all with his amazing sexual prowess and powerful thumbs. BTW, a MICHAEL WORDEN also can lift like 50 pounds into the air.
That dude is totally a Michael Worden, I want to sex him up good, right after he helps me lift my lamp onto that shelf.
by MikeFromStu August 23, 2011
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A man who has a very very very short penis and bashes of fortnite and is a pedofile
Oh look it’s a Harvey worden it must have a very very vey small penis.
by Luke howson September 16, 2020
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An amazing beautiful funny sensitive sweet cute personality-ed person that is one of a kind and is so amazing and fun to be with
Dunno an example for Erin Worden
by MWKDJ June 13, 2012
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