Said in agreement to another's figurative brother or homey. Also may be used in the form of a question to another's figurative brother or homey.
John: Yo, you jack that stereo yo?
James: Word son. Out the back a dat truck.
John: Word son?!
James: Word!
by FerrisBueler September 20, 2005
a phrase signifying somethings high quality and implying ones anticipation of utilizing such a high quality product.
dude #1: yo i got some new trees.
dude #2: are they word son?
dude #1: yeah.
dude #2: word son.
by C-R0C III October 27, 2006
Asking for confirmation or to ask someone to swear something is true.
Man I just got this bitch that looks like Beyonce's phone number.

Say word son

by duggit December 28, 2005
A New York slang that means or can be translated to: I'm telling you the truth... man

Commonly used in phrases of excitement and news telling or sharing thoughts
Word is born..son! they have the new kicks at DR JAYS!
by back in the dayz May 20, 2009