When a man has sex with someone from behind implying anal sex, although it can also mean regular sex Doggy Style.
I bust in on them and there he was hanging out the back of her.

Dave: Crikey mate look at that piece over there
Alan: Golly Gosh I'd love to hang out the back of that!
by Jack T August 30, 2005
a sentence used by an australian football leauge coach who often says "boys out the back" and thoroughly repeats this sentance with the response by a man (gibbo) who says "nyeh" orquidly
boys out the back, haha yea boys out the back NYEH!
by jbgib February 12, 2018
Australian expression which means any place which is remote or inconvinient. Based on an actual place west NSW which is an extremely hot country town known for cotton farming and dust storms.
by sylvy September 24, 2006
"oi dave what did you do this weekend"?
"well Al, i was on a knobout round my mates gaff and i was terrorising this bird, and there i was hanging out the back of it when my mate burst in" !!
" i said you know i looked good hanging out the back of it though init"!!
by im the daddy October 29, 2006
"I'd love to hang out the back of that"

Davy: "My burd is on holiday in ibiza, do you think she will get up to anything?"

Rab: "Your kidding someone will be hanging out the back of her"
by Rodehard August 21, 2008
to have casual sex with someone not close. not complimentary term for making love.

"didn't you hang out the back of some bird last night"
by martin butters November 21, 2007