what the bar says when your writing a definition in Urban Dictionary before you write a word to define

it is also something you say when your black and want to be cool
by new guy 101 December 3, 2018
The basic unit of language. Completely made up, language could have been made of math equations, even music notes! This is a totally real conspiracy that needs to be heard
"FBI open up!" Me: " It's already done the new definition of word is in the publishing process"
by TennisPlayer69 June 2, 2021
Affirming someone's else's comment or agreeing with said comment.
Bra, you were knocked out for like 6 minutes. You definitely have a concussion...

(Concussed fool)

by Im_a_real_boy! April 20, 2022
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by Spaoggers April 22, 2020
This is urban dictionary you dumb fuck, how the fuck do you not know what "Word" means.
Person 1: *searches "Word" on urban dictionary*
Person 1: *reads it*
Person 1: *feels sad*
by Eatmyass247 June 27, 2018
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- Word
by Sodonim July 11, 2020