Really? No, seriously. Why on God's green Earth would you look this up?
Words are the whole point of this site. If you looked this up i don't know how you got here unless you're bored. You probably had to scroll down too. If you truly didn't know please never reproduce and consider the following.
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by AlterLynx 2 September 17, 2018
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"I agree." can be used to express agreement and approval in several ways.
1. a: "Man, that song rocks."
b: "word!"

2. a: "I'm not gonna take crap from him anymore."
b: "Word!"
by Zach March 17, 2003
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The ambassadors of the soul.
Words are reflections of the inner workings of ourselves.
by Karin'sAClassALoser June 24, 2013
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An answer to someone babbling on...a sarcastic response to someone talking about a subject that you don't care about or understand.
Person A: "blah blah blah, Last night, blah blah blah"

Response - "words"
by Corey Hughes April 28, 2006
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