A linguistic data packet.

Also a multiple-byte unit of information in computer science/engineering.
by J Gingold June 07, 2005
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1. I agree.
2. Microsoft Word, a program used to...type things.
3. A couple letters bunched up together which make sense to us humans.
1. "Dayum, that was tight."
2. "Uhh...I've gotta type an essay. I'll go use Microsoft Word!"
^Lol. I couldn't think of anything...
3. "Word. W-O-R-D. Word."
by Personatalie December 05, 2007
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The genitalia of any large black male. Many people refer to words without realizing what they are saying, causing awkward laughing in serious situations.
Our big black teacher put words in the student's mouth.
I'll make you eat your own words.
It's better to swallow angry words.
I can't get words out of my mouth today.

I really like to play with my words.
Those words hit me hard.
You sure are good with big words.

Martin Luther King Jr. Had very memorable words
by Hupert Farnsworth October 17, 2011
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Sometimes, when you hear something really amazing or shocking, you need to come up with a response worthy of this situation. You're frantically hunting around for the right thing to say, when your brain, which you pretty well beat into oblivion long ago by hanging out on a street corner smoking crack, completely sells you out. And instead of the right word -- or any word, really -- you just say "word?". Or at least I'm convinced that is how this came into being as popular slang.
Random Bystander: Oh my God, that 40 ft gerbil is savagely raping a man!
Urban Youth: Word?
by Al March 09, 2005
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Proper Usage-

1) After any sentence

2) After any statement of any kind (i.e. angry statement, statement of love...)

3) Just about anywhere you feel like putting it.

4) Don't abuse the power of word. Use it properly. And randomly.

ex: Person 1: What did you do last night?
Person 2: Went to the movies. word.

Improper Usage-
ex: Person 1: What did you do last night?
word. Went to the word movies. word word.
by hurry October 18, 2006
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the wayyy shortened slang term of agreeing with someone. I concur with him/her.
person 1: Not everyone in this pad is a biznatch.
person2: word.
by HAPPYbingnatural July 04, 2005
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a phrase originally meaning:
a) to agree with
b) without a doubt
c) true
Meaning A:
R: You know your momma's gonna have a fit when she finds that you burned down the house.
D: Word.

Meaning B:
R: Your father will hate you once he finds that you had an accident in his Lincoln that he only drives on Sundays.
D: Word.

Meaning C:
R: Is the sky blue?
D: Word.
by Merriweather July 13, 2006
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