A term meaning agreement and understanding between two or more persons. To prove that what you say is the truth and you can trust in what I say to you.
Do you fully understand what I am telling you? Word?
by Dophler September 24, 2008
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I'd like to hit Monica from the backside, yo!!
by Byron H. December 26, 2003
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1. A recognizable combination of letters of any alphabet which embody a concept and used in sentences to convey meaning.
2. A slang term for "promise of truth" derived from "Word of Honor" or "Word is my bond" and shortened for convenience to simply "word".
3. A slang term for "absolute truth" derived from biblical reference to the "Word of God" or the Bible itself.
4. A slang term for an affirmative response or agreement.
5. A slang term for "you're not kidding" and "you can say that again" created because gangstas are too lazy and cool to say those nerdy phrases.
You really need a fuckin example?
by Slick Willie77 July 07, 2006
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The definition of word includes an unbounded quantity of definitions of the word word. However this ball of yarn can be avoided by the definition and notation of it with dots (...), because, if the IQ is above 40, one can assume that the progression is unchanging. One can see that the progression of this definition is regressing. Another fun thing that can be denoted with dots is Syrian refugees or a life size model of your balls.
"Penis" is a word, "My Penis" is a sword.
by IntelligenceAndLove February 09, 2017
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Sometimes, when you hear something really amazing or shocking, you need to come up with a response worthy of this situation. You're frantically hunting around for the right thing to say, when your brain, which you pretty well beat into oblivion long ago by hanging out on a street corner smoking crack, completely sells you out. And instead of the right word -- or any word, really -- you just say "word?". Or at least I'm convinced that is how this came into being as popular slang.
Random Bystander: Oh my God, that 40 ft gerbil is savagely raping a man!
Urban Youth: Word?
by Al March 09, 2005
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As in: "That shit was tight!" "Word."

Formerly possessed by the African-American community it slipped into the hands of wiggers at some point during the nineties. Sometime after this, it briefly appeared as though the word would be adapted into the white lexicon. However, it never gained the mainstream usage of other black words/phrases. Today, it is still used by the aforementioned wiggers (though usage of "truth" or some bastardization are common as well). A recent trend in usage can also be found among "above the fray" whites using irony (because you wouldn't expect them to say it, get it?). Which brings us to, "That staff meeting/ABBA concert was tight." "Word!"

Note: In the event of white usage, the word must be said with stereotypical "black" intonations. Also note that whites very rarely use "word" in the form of a question.
by The Chunk November 13, 2006
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