What usually occurs on urbandictionary.com when morons don't understand how to use brackets in the proper manner. I mean, I'm reading the instructions right now and it's easy shit. How can these morons fuck that up!?!?!
Jimmy posted a definition on here and wanted to link it to other words to better help the reader understand his definition. Unfortunately, he's a fuck up and put word all over the place instead of simply placing brackets around the word he wanted to link. Idiot.
by bAc0Nb0Y December 03, 2003
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"Word" is a positive responce to a question or statement.
Yo homie, wanna hit da clubs tonight?
by Curtis Tompkins. July 31, 2005
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Something that stupid dumbshits put all over their fucking definition to try to link to other words, not realizing how much of a motherfucking fatherfucking cocksucking piece of degrading shit they look like.
It's fucking simple to link to other words without putting word all over the fucking place. It's easy motherfucking fatherfucking shit.
by GWR October 03, 2004
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"word" originated from a gangsta' who at first said "word" as a sign of affirmation, however most other gangstas thought this was stupid, and they decided to keep it gangsta by popping a few caps in that nigga's ass.

these very gangstas then looked upon the original sayer of "word" as an idol, for having been shot.

forever after other gangstas used "word" as a "yes."
Gansta 1: Imma pop a cap!
Gansta 2: Word!

White Boy: -frightened-
by Jaynik May 08, 2006
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