In some religious masses (e.g. Roman Catholic), a section from the gospel is spoken aloud to the parish. At the conclusion of the scripture reading a chant is started by the priest. He says ‘The word of the lord’ and the congregation responds ‘thanks be to god’. The expression “word” is a truncation of that phrase and it is said in agreement to a statement – a statement that bears some resemblance to gospel. It is intended to elevate the previously said phrase to a higher standard of truth.

Related Expressions: “Peace” – also from Christian mass the phrase “Peace be with you” is exchanged between parishioners following the Our Father.
John: “She got some fine titties

Response: “word” (elevates John's statement to higher truth.)
by B-Dub-007 April 26, 2010
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The definition of word includes an unbounded quantity of definitions of the word word. However this ball of yarn can be avoided by the definition and notation of it with dots (...), because, if the IQ is above 40, one can assume that the progression is unchanging. One can see that the progression of this definition is regressing. Another fun thing that can be denoted with dots is Syrian refugees or a life size model of your balls.
"Penis" is a word, "My Penis" is a sword.
by IntelligenceAndLove February 09, 2017
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Can also be used as a question, meaning "really?"
"Man, this sucks."


"I just got a new car!"
by inkdrinker April 24, 2003
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