1. Something you type when you're bored af and clicking the twisted arrows on the top right of your screen is either too hard to tap or your dumbass self didn't realize there was two twisted arrows there until now.

2. Gay phrase from the 90s, (Don't fact check that).

3. You'd expect the real definition here but if you don't know what "word" means you probably have a mental disability.
1. "Aye look, I'ma smart son o' a bitch 'cause I can type this here word!".

2. Person 1: "This party sick!".
Person 2: "WORRD!".
by DefinitelyDefinite December 02, 2018
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"I agree." can be used to express agreement and approval in several ways.
1. a: "Man, that song rocks."
b: "word!"

2. a: "I'm not gonna take crap from him anymore."
b: "Word!"
by Zach March 17, 2003
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