A woochie is a compliment for the looks and personality.
'aw i hate my hair grr'
'no way your such a woochie'
by BeckyAndAmy.x October 27, 2008
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Basically is another naming for a female/male body part. It’s also kind of a funny way of saying a guys penis is small.
Guy: I have a penis
Girl: Penis? You have a little woochie..💁 ♀️
by Paris_mcm April 3, 2019
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adj. when bitches be wearing too much face paint
origin: Woochie prosthetics and special effects make-up
Yo bitch, you're ass is just going to the store to buy me some squares. Don't be gettin' all woochie an' shit!
by Herb N. Dictionary November 5, 2002
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girl 1:Damn, did you see taylor lautner in twilight.

girl2:yeah, woochie woo!!!!
by ac_ds January 13, 2009
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Giving to people who have big problems with the woofing of the cooching of they're coochie.
Ed: I have a huge woochie coochie.
Phil: Wow you should get that checked out.
by Phillip Bishop January 31, 2007
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