A beautiful, sweet girl with a killer sense of originality. She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her, and she loves to laugh. A great person to be with, even though she may try to overrule your ideas sometimes. Her name literally means, bringer of joy, and that is exactly what she does.
Anybody with the name Beatrix
by itsrainingbubbles June 4, 2012
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Beatrix means voyager/traveller
A brave soul with wickedly stunning eyes

A Beatrix will stand up to anyone, while also being stunning and confident.

No hesitation when it comes to lashing out when being backed into a corner.

Knows what people are thinking.
That Guy totally just dissed me!

Quick go find a Beatrix!
by Minty Express December 2, 2011
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The most amazing, kindest, awesome friend on earth. She's an excellent friend and very patient. She will be there for you every time when you need her and she never lets you down. She's one of the mot incredible person on earth and never let her go. Don't ever mess with her. If you do, her besties (especially Jessilyn and Isabel), will hunt you down and kick your gut. She's a sweetheart and an angle. She always does the right thing and would do anything for her friends. Never lose Beatrix. She's like an angle everyone wants to be friends with.
Girl One: Who is that new girl?

Girl Two: Oh that Beatrix! She's the most amazing friend you can ever ask for. Let's go hangout with her!!! She's sooo popular and nice and everyone loves her!!

Girl three: OMG I'm so jealous of her best friends Isabel and Jessilyn!! They're so lucky to have her as a best friend!!

First Cute Boy: Damn, Beatrix is sooo hot bro!!

Second Hot Boy: Bro I saw her first!! I didn't want to tell you because then I can get her number!

First Cute Boy: Fine dude! I'll go try out Jessilyn and Isabel. They're smoking hot too.

Second Hot Boy: Haha nice try bro you're just trying to make me jealous. but Beatrix is ten times hotter because she's super nice and sweet and beautiful.
by Jess_dance_ilyn.22 March 12, 2018
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Synonym to fine ass woman you wanna smash then marry
would you be my Beatrix?
by Misanthropia July 12, 2018
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Hot gal from Final Fantasy IX. Even though she has an eye patch, she never fails to beat the hell outta all her opponents. Ends up hooking up with the smexy Adelbert Steiner after switching sides.
Woah, Beatrix just killed my party for the hundredth time! Dammit, she's just too strong!
by Adelbert Steiner March 21, 2008
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