A womanizing man.
He's a real wolf. He pretends to care about a girl, romances her, uses her, and then drops her when he gets bored or interested in someone else.
by Humanrespecter July 14, 2009
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male with wolf-like features, when he finds a friend he won't betray them, a quote from wolf-'a wolf cannot be of two packs' ,very fierce fighter, sharp senses, but knows thier limits, killing demons is what he is for
he is so loyal he must be a wolf
by renn+torak June 20, 2010
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To wolf a beer is to drink one beer in one sweep with your head in the position of a howling wolf
Person A: Aren't you gonna start drinking that beer? We have to leave in like two minutes.
Person B: Chill out man. Imma wolf the motherfucker in one.
by WolfgangWed July 22, 2012
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One of the most beautiful animals in the world. They are also believed to be one of the most spiritual creatures as well. You can easily be attached to a wolf.
by Not Paige March 16, 2008
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To eat greedily or quickly.
It's no wonder you have indigestion, wolfing your food that fast!
by VAKI5 May 07, 2005
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A carnviore mammal that are ancestors of a dog that hunt in large packs with different ranks. They range in different colors, and could be found almost anywhere. However, mose people think that they are dangerous, and there hasbeen no reports of an attack, so people have hunted them down, making them endagered.
The wolves romped through the forest.
by Someone December 28, 2003
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Noun: A friendly, conservative, quiet, mysterious female who can lure any man she wants to, can be a total slut but chooses not to be. She can also slyly get whatver she wants out of them but once again would never abuse her power. Would rather be in a realtionship but knows how to get a hook line and sinker.
-Dude, I swear I really like this chick!!!

-Has she used you in any way?


-Yeah she just might be a Wolf, but theres hope
by That one crazy kid October 23, 2006
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