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To refer to any person, object, event, idea that is lame, or on the extremely conservative side.
All the clubs shut down at 2:00am? That's so mad republican.
by Cookie November 06, 2004
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A description or term describing an uneducated or narrow minded person with the equivalent intelligence of a garden vegetable...
"You must be so posh that you live somewhere like backingham palace or summat like that"
by Cookie January 06, 2005
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A majestic, free-sprirted animal; A very depressed person that noone understands.
"Omigosh! That wolf is soooo beautiful!"
"Wow, look at that wolf, she seems so lonely, I feel bad for her."
by Cookie October 19, 2004
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the SSS rating that rates a guy's hottness on a scale of 1-10 {1 being ur grandma's ass in a bikini and 10 being, well, #10} this falls on pages 41-42 in the BBC u can only see it if we deem you worthy and you are NOT if your name is ADAM B, Brian & chris (s maid's brothers) uncle floyd and mom

GG: god adam, ur such a ONE
Bug: oooo BURN! yea fuck off and get a life
by Cookie October 17, 2004
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