Lean (that of a slushie variant) that is particularly wocky.
Cameraman: "That thang bleedin' to the-... ya know I mean?"
Squilliam Fancyson: "Wocky slush"
Cameraman: "That thang bleedin' P!"
by cal1co December 7, 2020
A type of lean in which you put codeine cough syrup into a bottle of sprite, then put it into the freezer until it turns into a slushie drink aka lean
“Damn this lean is good
“That’s that wocky slush
by Gangsta dee December 2, 2020
another word for lean; sprite with cough syrup
We got some extra cough syrup, wanna make wocky slush and get wasted?
by cümräg January 12, 2021
Frozen lean aka purple drank aka sizzurp aka dirty sprite aka drank
Friend 1: “Wow, @charlie_bolich on Instagram is selling Wocky Slushes, is that even legal
Friend 2: “Yes”
by _foenem December 6, 2020
A version of lean but its frozen
Camera man: That thing bleeding to the, y'know what I mean

Squilliam Fancyson: Wocky slush

Camera man: That thang bleedin' p
by Not.A.Porn.Addict January 31, 2021
When the slush (or any noun) is so wocky you go retarded
"Yo man what's wrong with him? All he did was take a sip and now he's trippin!"
"That's the Wocky Slush Effect!"
by TheHardGoose February 12, 2021