Lean, sizzurp, drank, purp, in other words, its dat weak opiate drink that gets you chopped an screwed. The other definitions on UrbanDictionary include the usage of jolly ranchers, popularized in some hip hop songs and even the inclusion of benzodiazepines (xanax, valium, etc) to push that sedated high one step further.

Im not telling you not to mix your drank with liquor or benzos, but the fact is: dirty sprite = drank. Drank is just purple codeine + promethazine cough syrup poured into some sprite or 7-up. It can also be used to describe yellow hydrocodone + chlorpheniramine mixed with the same kinds of soda. The point is -- its opiate cough syrup in a clear soda, drunk to slow you down and screw up your night.

Take it easy, opiates are serious business. I've been clean of that shit for years, but the definitions on UD are all kinda fucked, so, here's the real one for you.
My niggas gettin' right, smokin weed with dirty sprite. I'm goin' wild for the night fuck being polite.
by recovering from dat poppyplant February 23, 2013
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A term used for a drink that has the ingredients Jolly Ranchers, Sprite and cough syrup.
Commonly referred to as "lean"
"Hey man, you ever drank lean/ Dirty Sprite before?
by WRXSTI95 December 20, 2017
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Slang for lean, sizzurp, codein. purple drank and other street names as well.

2 oz Codeine

1 12 oz can/bottle of Sprite (bottle makes it easier to mix as far as shaking the contents)

1 or 2 grape Jolly Ranchers

I crush a Xanax bar in mine

Shake it up and pour over ice. Sip and lean.

**Intensified with loud and alcoholic beverages

It'll make you lean, look stuck, or fall asleep in public. Sip slowly!
Future - Dirty Sprite

I'm on that Pimp C. I'm on that DJ Screw. I'm on that Big Hawk I don't know what to do. Pour up a 3 or 4 my sprite so dirty fool...my bitch remind me all the time that drank 'gon kill you.
by MzPrincess August 7, 2011
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Sprite mixed with Promethazine/Codeine and Xanex.
aka Zan with that Lean
My sprite so dirty foo- Future

I been leanin like a kickstand kuz of this Dirty Sprite- Soulja Boy
by Swag Me TF OUT ! May 25, 2011
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A drink with sprite jolly rancher codeine and promethizine popularize by future
by Durty birdy January 17, 2019
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Dirty Stummy Sprite is a combination of Sprite soft drink and the sweet smelling stomach discharge from the gastrostomy tube (stomach feeding tube) of a patient that uses opioid pain medications and cannabis.
Ay bruh, this Dirty Stummy Sprite got me leanin.
by Stage4Ayyy February 9, 2021
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