The one immortal man, able to record anything dangerous without getting hurt at all.
Nobody knows him, nor anyone or anything can kill him.
comment on a video of the end of the world theory: How to survive: be the camera man.
by ghuejyrhtn April 30, 2021
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camera man the fastest runner in the world
"did you see that camera man on TV?"

"he ran faster than the runner!"
by tyty321 April 12, 2021
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The odd man or woman on a date with a couple or couples. Previously known as the fifth wheel, the "camera man" is now a more culturally accurate word.
Man, last night I was the camera man when I went out with my roommate and his girlfriend.
by Chris Mills September 19, 2007
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Nick-name for the hottest yearbook photographer in the world. Also known as "The Son Of God"
Me: Oh my God, there's Cameraman. He's so damn gorgeous...he's got like, an aura around him.
Michelle: I know! he's like... the Son of God!
by Kira April 23, 2005
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When a man becomes a camera via costume or photo editing
Person 1: Hey did you see this post on reddit about the Man Camera

Person 2: Oh yea if you like that you should check out r/PraiseTheManCamera
by Nofriendsfourlife June 12, 2019
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A phrase that proves you are “cognitively there”
“What was the 10th question?”
Person woman man camera TV
by Nu_ll July 24, 2020
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Person 1: The Camera Man Cowboy just stole my tickets again

Person 2: That fucking sucjs
by BigPeng26 October 12, 2021
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