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A small village in Essex where all the kids smoke pot. Also known as 'The Hoe'
I'm goin down Wivenhoe to get me some pot.
by Beanius July 16, 2006
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Small town in North East EssexUK.
The town is home to an abnormally high percentage of musicians, artists, actors, an assorted tv & media people.
The University of Essex sits at the top of the town, famous as a Communist stronghold in the 1960's - the town also was home to The Angry Brigade} at that time.
The Wivenhoe Folk Club is recognised as one of the best in the country, and regularly attracts big name acts.
Other Essex villages consider Wivenhoe to be full of drunks, layabouts, hippies, arty-farty types, Pot-Heads, gays, and prozac-dependants.
Small wonder then, that it was recently rated as the second most popular place to live in the whole of the UK.
Home to the Wivenhoe May Fair, an annual free one day music festival that attracts bands and punters from all over the country.
If you can't find a guitar player in Wivenhoe, then you're in the wrong damned town!
by robboland65 December 19, 2008
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A town famous for it's drinking.

"Wivenhoe, a small drinking village with a fishing problem."
"Wanna go out for a drink? "
"Let's hit Wivenhoe"
by Merilian January 10, 2018
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