The excuse someone makes when someone does not want to do something with other people but does not want to admit it.
Sorry guys I can't play today I'm with my cousin.
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Me: Duuuuuuuuude my cousin throckmorton you shredded that skate park last night mannnnnn
My cousin throckmorton: wasn’t even that hard mannnn my saxophone kept me going mannnnnn
by Sumdum fuk April 28, 2020
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The new phrase that one should say to spice up a lame story instead of "And then I found five dollars."

Originated from an entry on where a person said "My girlfriend was having a really bad day, so I said 'I'm sure you will get over it soon.' To which she responded 'My cousin got murdered today.' Fml."

A sure fire way to make your lame stories exciting.
Carson: "I was walking along the street and I noticed my shoe was untied and..."
Tim: "Is this story going any where?"
Carson: "Yes! Like I said, I was walking along the street and I noticed my shoe was untied "and then my cousin got murdered..."
Tim: "Holy shit! Tell me more!?"
by Marilyn Beale April 28, 2009
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"Then my cousin got murdered" is the new way to end a story that you thought was cool, but upon telling it you realize is lame as hell. The addition of "Then my cousin got murdered" makes a seemingly boring story instantly interesting. This new phrase replaces the once popular "Then I found five dollars."
Guy One: What did you do this weekend?
Guy Two: Well I went to the Museum of Natural History where they had a fascinating exhibit on indigenous tribes of Africa...
Guy One: *yawn*
Guy my cousin got murdered...
Guy One: Holy shit! Really?!?!
by chunkylover86 April 28, 2009
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So basically it’s someone who fucks there cousin.
I was at a family gathering and I fucked my cousin.
by Grandma Cum Fountain December 12, 2018
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A meme generally used as a joke preferably on perverted white African Warlord.

Being a meme my cousin can be swapped out for anything.
by Gzoom March 8, 2016
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