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A website filled with such pathetic people and their pathetic anecdotes, you'll automatically begin to feel better about your own miserable existence.
I was feeling down after my girlfriend left me, but then I went on, and now I feel a lot better.
by yankeedrew90 March 02, 2009
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A website where people post unfortunate events that happened to them on that day. It's been invaded by "LOL I'M SOOOOO FUNNY BECAUSE I'M RANDOM!! FOR THE LULZ!! FAIL!" teenagers. 98% of the submissions are GFs whining about how their boyfriend isn't completely perfect (see example).

The comments on are completely worthless. The first comment will ALWAYS be "First!" and then 50 people will flame him/her. Then you have your trolls try to be funny by posting exaggerated "You deserve it"s. The actual FML will never, ever be discussed in the comments.
The following is a REAL submission from

Girl: Today, my boyfriend learned how to play the song 'Brown-Eyed Girl' on guitar as part of my anniversary surprise. I have green eyes. FML

Me: Really? Then why don't you stop bitching and just dump him so he can find a woman more grateful! This man remembered your anniversary, and even cared enough to learn a song for you! But you bitch just because he didn't get your eye colour correct? Do you seriously think your life is "fucked" for this reason? Have you ever considered that maybe he expected you to listen to the lyrics and not the title? Jesus Christ...
by I HATE NAAAAAMES August 15, 2010
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The newest and most popular website to make you seem cool if you mention it at a get-together or shindig. It's up there with the "OHHHHHHH PARTY FOUL!" cliche.
Guy #1: Hey dude did you see the newest entry on

Guy #2: Oh you mean the one with the chick and the thong and the golden retriever? hahaha yeah dude that shit was hilarious!
by reid_o March 04, 2009
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A website in which every entry is composed by a 43 year old man in his mother's basement, and people read them and believe it actually happened, when in reality, each scenario was just a fabricated anecdote with no variation, and whose prose is conveniently similar to EVERY OTHER GODDAMN ENTRY ON THE SITE. But what can you expect from a man with an extreme oedipal complex who has never seen the light of day.
Today, I made a entry that was written exactly like every other one. FML

-example entry from
by killing frenzy April 22, 2009
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