a word created by un0fficialjay which means lemme suck ya toes and suck ya bottom lip while you sleep or awake
Aye bitch, tryna winky face tonight ?
by un0fficialjay December 23, 2017
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A text representation of a winking face usually seen in Internet forums and chat rooms.

A winky face could be, but not limited, to one of the semicolon combinations below:

by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
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the winky face is a strong symbol, only to be used in specific situations such as sexting, flirting, mindfucking, and discussing rape.
guy: im gunna rape you.
girl: (; (winky face)
by fuckgingers420 June 02, 2011
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blindness or other acute vision problems resulting from mad-hot ejaculation.
Twatrag! I told you not to lean forward! Now you gotta live with that winky face the rest of your life..
by Larebear July 19, 2005
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