A very peaceful friend and sister, A very loving,kind,fair,pretty and outstanding beautiful girl. Always has your back at any time. A very hard-working and determined person. If she puts her mind to something she'll surely do it. Never promise and fail her,she would be very angry. Doesn't take things too personal. A girl that loves partying, drinking but hates smoking. Doesn't really like education but is a brainee in every other way. If she loves you it's forever,and if she hates you it's forever. Not scared of anything or anybody.
Doesn't care about what anyone says about her. Money making machine
Winifred is a very good and peaceful human being.
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Winifred, a fairly beautiful girl who is very shy but won’t admit it. She loves life and tends to overspend. She doesn’t have her priorities right but has hope that things eventually work out. She kinky and always up for new tricks in the bedroom. Spank her and choke her, she will love you for it. She’s into tall guys will killer looks. She is career oriented and will most likely pick a law/legal career option. Find you a Winifred, because she is loyal to a fault. A bit needy and super sexy once she stops overeating. She’s a free spirit although a bit introverted. Will definitely pick staying home with bae over date night.
I need a loyal girl, I should find myself a Winifred.
by Shygirl51 September 2, 2021
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A female who is bossy and feels she is never wrong. One that doesn't wear any makeup that is naturally beautiful although she has lots of facial hair and should wax or shave. She is a free spirit and usually has attention disorder deficit and has a ver loud obnoxious laugh. She cannot commit to a relationship and usually finds a way to get out of a relationship by making up lies and always playing the victim. Not one to have your back she is a taker not a giver. Stay away from girls named Winifred they are charming but unstable and cannot be trusted.
That girl Winifred has an obnoxious laugh and has a lot of facial hair.
by Antonio's Gregorius March 14, 2017
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Winifred is a girl who has an amazing charakter and is always there for you whenever you need her she can piss you of sometimes but she loves you in any way she never lets any one down she would take a bullet for the people she loves the most

treat her well she is not the prettiest girl may not be skinny but she has an amazing huge heart so enjoy your time with this girl cause she will not live forever

#awesome #loving #neverletsyoudown
i trust winifred with all my heart she's the best person i have ever met
by Shoggi January 2, 2017
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A choral choir who sang the hit song " There's no one quite like Grandma" back in 1980, it stayed at number one in the uK for like two weeks
there's no quite like grandma is a funny song
by d'fo March 27, 2004
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