Someone who looks at stuff they cant buy
i wish i had them kicks but i cant afford them (im a window shopper)
by Dee Jay October 28, 2005
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People that browse expensive stores and never buy anything. A new song by 50 cent - window shopper.
Nigga youse a window shopper
Mad at me, I think I know why
Nigga youse a window shopper
In the jewelry store lookin' at shit you can't buy
Nigga youse a window shopper
In the dealership tryna get a test drive
Nigga youse a window shopper
Mad as fuck when you see me ride by
by oldschool rosendahl November 15, 2005
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1) Someone who sees something they want,and immediatly buys it.

2) Someone who looks at something in the window of a store,but can't afford to buy it.

3) A new rap song by 50 Cent,Young Buck,Spider Loc,Olivia and MA$E.

ima window shopper,rolling through monaco france avoiding that copper -50 Cent in Window Shopper.
by GAME50 October 30, 2005
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To like someone, but not gonna ask them out. Kinda like crushing but you don't want the pressure from being in a relationship. (:
You : I like two girls, but I think I'm gona stay single.
Me : PFFT, you window shopper.
You : HEY! D:<
by trinhdang April 13, 2008
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One who enjoys online shopping, they don't even need to use windows. See Windows Shopping
She was a windows shopper so no one ever saw her at the mall.
by Mewchu11 April 13, 2004
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someone who looks at the opposite race, without actually meeting them. This is usually in person, so pornography and jacking off doesn't count.
Man 1: Dude, I saw a hot girl yesterday, and couldn't stop staring at her nice ass!
Man 2: what's her name?

Man1: I didn't talk to her
Man 2: you window shopper
by Fish_tacozzx April 27, 2012
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Someone who goes to Ebay not to buy anything, but just to look at what they have for sale.
Ted: Hey John, whatcha doing?
John: Getting on Ebay.
Ted: Oh yeah? What are you buying?
John: Oh I'm not buying anything. I'm just browsing. I'm an Ebay window shopper.
by HardcoreGamer4Ever February 8, 2011
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