The newest member of G-Unit, signed to G Unit Records in early 2005.

He is also a former drug dealer who was once part of the notorious Crip gang.

The second West Coast rapper signed to the label, after The Game was excommunicated on February 28th, 2005.
Spider Loc signed to G Unit/Interscope in early 2005, replacing The Game as 50's West Coast connection.
by Charlie Roberts May 21, 2005
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Second Worst rapper in the Gun-t Camp and he is lyrically retarted and he just might diss shyne when he gets out and than he will get fucked up by GUNOOOOOOOTTTTTT
by Gunot Soldier July 12, 2006
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A new addition to G-Unit West. He has difficulty rapping because of his limited vocabulary. Many critics have deplored his simple rhymes. He got signed by freestyling for 50 Cent who was apparently drunk at the time. Spider Loc tried to diss The Game with two disses, but was hit hard when The Game responded with 240 Bars (Spider Joke)
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the newest bitch of g-unit. calls himself a g-unit crip. a well known crip cuz of a brother who snitches more than fifty. tried to dis game but got his ass beat on 240 bars and runnin' prob one of the dumbest shits in g-unit to go after game after g-unit got killed on 300 bars and runnin' G-UNOT!!!!!!!! BLACK WALL STREET FOR LIFE
" i heard dis after dis little nigga you suck, like ya baby mama in the third row of my truck" - the game 240 bars and runnin' (spider loc is a )joke
by fuck g-unit March 30, 2006
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newest member of G unit. Probably the best. I met him on a flight back from Miami. His chick sat next to me on the plane, so I traded him seats, cause im cool like that.
"dat nigga spier loc is sick wit it"-Rob Money
by rob $ April 12, 2005
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probly the coolest g-unit member and he is definetly hardcore
that nigga spider loc is da shit
by ß¡¬¬¥ May 30, 2005
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