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The definition of fake bitches. This school is located in Wilton, Iowa and has maybe 400 students if they are lucky. They are amazing at sports, but terrible at teaching math. If you are a female, one, don’t come here because you will have sex with every guy you meet before you even make friends. Two, once you are sucked into the fake, you can’t get out. Trust me. Also if you want to get snitched on for juuling in the bathroom by people who get drunk at previous graduates parties, come here. Great place.
Student: When will our tests be in?

Math Teacher: I fell asleep driving and little Johnny did not go to bed until 1AM this morning.

Student: So... When will they be in?
Math Teacher: Oh, when i do the answer key.

Student: You don’t have it fucking done? Fuck Wilton High School.
by sneakdissiowa May 16, 2019
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No blacks. No Jews. Jut whites and Indians. If you're a minority stay away. If you're white or Indian, come on in and drink and smoke weed. Be happily rich and druggy with the rest of us.
Student #1:You go to Wilton High School? Student #2: Yea. Want some vodka mixed with weed? Student #1: sorry I can't go to Wilton, I'm a black Jew.
by DaquanGeese February 17, 2017
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