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....wait what gymnastics team?
"What did you do last night man?"
-wilton kid # 1
"Ohh I tried to outdrink some new canaan kids... I lost though" - wilton kid # 2
"Oh that's a shame... maybe you can go drink your sorrows away, and then hookup with one of the those "NASTy" hoes on our gymnastics team..." - wilton kid # 1
"wait, we have a girls gymnastics team?" Wilton kid # 2
"...i know ... i thought they were the guys gymnastics team first time i looked at 'em..."- Wilton kid # 1
"I think I passed out yesterday after like 2 beers... maybe if I could hold myself for another round, I might actually start to find one of them attractive." - Wilton kid # 2
"Quite doubtful." Wilton kid # 1
by somerandomwiltonboys April 21, 2005
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