when a tear comes to your eye because you're feeling either happiness or sadness or both simultaneously
what you just said made me teary
by joeyjoeyjoeyjoey October 1, 2007
Something very stupid that brings about laughter
"Are you a Clippers fan?"... Pete


"Ur fuccin teary"...Pete
by killa20 November 9, 2009
When you're forcing someone to sexual intercourse and make them cry.
He forced himself upon her and made her teary.
by Teary Dantte April 13, 2018
A silly person is dreams about crazy things. But it's ok because they are true 99.99999% of the time.
by Emmarie:) October 28, 2020
As the name implies, having a little cry while self-pleasuring.
He was sad and alone so he had a teary wank.
by sadselfpleasure June 14, 2011
the effect of uncontrollable laughter; laughing so hard that "tears meet your ears"; the state of mind you reach when laughing so hard you forget what you are laughing about; usually the side-effect of drug-induced euphoria
After hearing the story, the girls got all teary-eared.
by BeccaR June 11, 2005
Term used to describe the condition when water backsplashes right on one's butthole after his/her turd has hit the water of the toilet.
"That turd was so heavy, it gave me a teary brown eye."
by The Joe 82 July 2, 2006