A cult. A group of people who are insanely devoted to their sport and passion. Shaving parties are common rituals and most outsiders look in on swim teams as weird, obsessed, and odd.
Shaving parties, meditation, insane amounts of training.
by Insidelookingout February 22, 2005
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A group of people who are devoted to doing what they hate. they really love it but they really hate it! Practice is every morning and you get no fucking sleep! Swimming is very easily the hardest sport and people think it is very easy! shocking!
hey can you hangout this week? no sorry I have swim team every morning and night with lifting in the middle of the day.
by Tuhhhh6969 July 2, 2018
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The "cool kids". You can generally encounter them striking up casual conversations with the vending machine, swiming...on the deck, inquiring to the lifeguards if they know how to swim, doing the waltz, shaking people's hands vigorously- shouting "THANK YOU, COACH BRENDON!", saying loudly "JOHNNY FOO. HELLO!!!" and lecturing the coaches on not reaching their full potential.
The Swim Team was revered by all, becoming too cool to sit with the other, odd people.
by That cool kid November 30, 2004
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An attractive lady who is over the age of 25. Word originated in the Bay-Area and used to not cause attention to the lady.
Darrel: "Whats up Mike"
(Attractive 30 year old girl walks by)
Mike: "Oh shit, Darrel look, Swim Team!"
by Bigzie August 27, 2012
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Do you

-Support facism?
-Smoke weed?
-Deal narcotics?
-Use "hanging with your bras" as a guise for your homosexuality?
-Have a white supremacist family?
-Have a growing interest in occultism?
-Deliberately fail classes in order to stay back in hopes to score with girls half your age?
-Binge eat after vigorous exercise?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of the following questions, congratulations! Consider yourself eligible to join your high school's swim team. Swim team is home to all the lowlifes, assclowns, and bullies that fill the hallways at your school. Swim team gives pompous shitheads the oppurtunity to puff off in the locker room, shit on freshman, and listen to frat rap groups at no expense. So what are you waiting for? Join swim team today!
Ross: Sup, bro? Ready to go to swim team practice and torment the freshmen to the point of suicide?
Phil: Sure, dude. Freshmen have the cutest dicks, anyway.
by John Cushing January 23, 2009
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If someone is referred to as being on the Swim Team, they are generally lifeless, ignorant, self-centered, sheltered females (males in some cases) who have a blatant disregard for any human life other than their own.
Oh shit that chick ruined you're life? Bitch must have been on the swim team. Don't sweat it dog.
by rythm70 November 8, 2004
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swim team a place to mime and folk dance. A place where Henry the blue duck ravishly puddles in the Santa Monica arena. swim team a place where the cool kids hang everyday and frolick around the life gaurds. Sometimes the "cool kids" camp out and pretend to be hobos.
Annie and I are on the swim team...we camp out on the bleachers to infer that we are hobos
by Baboon December 6, 2004
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