The most intelligent, funniest, best looking and modest guy in the world
by willow September 27, 2003
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Willow is Sarah Palin's ex boyfriend's daughter's best friend's cousin. She is the most amazing person in the world. Willow tells the funniest jokes in the world, even though they're not always that funny. She also writes HILARIOUS comics. They're mostly about her friend Ivan. If you ever meet a Willow, don't let her leave your side. ASK HER OUT. If you don't, you'll live the rest of your life without the best girlfriend ever. She is also great in bed. But don't get her angry, because when she's angry she might stab you with a spoon. She is also really strong, and is capable of pushing open heavy doors. Sometimes.
I wish someone could open this door.


Thank you Willow!!
by Lalalayouknowit October 01, 2011
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The traditional name for an obscenly large but dysfunctional penis usually belonging to a person with the surname of Williams
Girl 1- "do you know anyone who has met the real willow?"
Girl 2- "no, but I've heard it's like a fucking snake"
by patrice evra January 09, 2013
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Willow's are all ways kind and helpful. She love to joke around with her friends and she is always a happy person. But most Willows have some thing to hide from her friends. All Willow's need to be keept a close eye on because you never know what is worring them. Willow's are the most amazing people ever. Never take them for granted. I have realized you never have fights with a Willow and if you do they are hardly even count as a fight. WILLOWS FOR LIFE
"Shes so pretty, i wanna be a Willow" said Erin,
"Shes such a wierdo" said Meadow ,
"Shut ur face Meadow she ma bestie"
"Shes my bestie too" exclaimed Jasmine and Maisie.
by Ask me to do one about u November 03, 2017
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In 1975 an engineer at JPL is drawing Futuristic automobile designs for 2020 and a group from Ford Motor wrote " Should we Have A New Engine " for new automobile power systems" for 2020 but wasnt published due to an error made in the 697 pages of secret charts blueprints and images of these new type's of engine's. Since the Congress had secretly ordered the study so they had no choice but to contact pretty much the smartest man on the planet Professor William A. Fowler and request him to correct the mistake. The Professor was busy working on his Nobel Prize Project so he tossed it to Mr. Jerry Steven Winkle whom he had never met but was told the Mr. Winkle had the highest scores ever recorded on the western seaboard for the AFEES Exam's. Meaning he was smarter or scored higher than any person in the military past or present except for a few Astronauts. IN the mean time the engineer took his project home and built a Exotic Racing Car Manufacturing Company that he Named the Willow after the Willow Springs Race Track Near the Xavier James Davis Ranch in Tehachapi, California. Mr. Winkle had corrected the error which was a typo for a Date on Page 6-53.

In Early 2017 the engineer and Mr. Winkle crossed paths which resulted in Mr. Winkle purchasing the company from the engineer. Mr. Winkle has plans to relocate the company to the Xavier James Davis property where the Willow X-JD Racing Car Manufacturing will Call home. Right across the road from the Willow Spring's Race Track.
The Willow set a track record last weekend with the Willow X-JD Methyl-Alcohol Powered Turbine Engine.
by Jastro Wind February 26, 2017
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Willow is a type a girl who is beautiful and amazing and is kinda a special person and loved by everyone around her most willows can be your best of friends she's up for anything and she's loves anything fun you throw at her but there's more to her she's clingy she's jealous and easily angered and is sad occasionally if you have a Willow in your life keep her there
Justin : I love willow she so awesome

Ava: every one loves Willow
by Alexxx T June 30, 2017
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Willow is a somewhat polite way of calling someone a coward "pussy", or a way to call someone a pussy in a setting where that word would be inappropriate. This term comes from the word pussy willow. Pussy willows can be bushy and unkempt they are mostly found in moist damp regions.
Quit being such a willow and man up!

Carlos is such a willow, he'll never watch that scary movie.

The packers are a bunch of willows the bears will beat them for sure!
by Sweetteabone December 27, 2013
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