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A place outside of Buffalo that has 50% dumbass white kids and 50% smart-ass asians.
I wanted people to think i was smart so i tinted my skin and ductaped my eyes squinty
by Steve-O November 10, 2004
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This hick town in the northern part of Sangamon County. It's full of slutty whores and white-trash civilians who live in slum looking houses or in high class estates by the lake. The school prgram sucks and has a major pot issue but kicks ass in sports. But over all Willaismville isnt the most charming place.
by ypur a fool 2 July 25, 2011
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Williamsville is a small town in Central Illinois. It is full of a bunch of lesbians and kids whose parents spoil them, making them think that they are so special. People at Williamsville believe that they are super open minded, when reality is that they are precieved as the most judge mental school in the Sangamo Conference. Their sports are good, so they feel like that is a reason to put themselves above of everyone else. This probably is the reason why they feel like they are entitled to win every comoetition. Its almost like the think they're invincable and that no one can even come close to them without something being rigged. Truth is, the school is very diverse; jocks, white trashy people, hicks, druggies, brainiacs, and drama geeks fill up the school. Maybe one day the people of Williamsville will get a reality check and finally be able to see themselves in a new more humble light.
"Do we have to go to Williamsville? All the yellow in their gym makes it look lik it's covered in urine."

"Ew Williamsville is here."

"I hate having to drive through Billsville."

"So you want a sex change, I heard Williamsville school system is super accepting.."
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the whitest city in the world. located outside buffalo and home to some of the most retarded people on the planet. lacks in excitement.
if i wanted to live that boring of a life i'd move to williamsville.
by that guy February 13, 2004
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